The Bad Seed is a minor character that appears in the episode "The Bad Seed". He is mentioned by Seth Parsons after Lucien and Tony ask him about the previous members of the Cramp family.

History Edit

  • He is said to have been the meanest naughty devil that Soap city has ever seen, he committed acts such as banging gates and walking barefoot down main street. These were considered "crimes" back in the day and as Seth Parsons said "Back then you could get hung for wearing odd socks". His partner was Little Hat (Seth Parsons).

Appearance Edit

Despite the episode trying to make the viewer believe that The Bad Seed looked a lot like Wayne because of their similar personality, it was revealed at the end of the episode that in fact he looked a lot like Lucien. That's most likely because Wayne imagined him like that after hearing the story from Lucien during diner and because the creators had to have another plot twist other then the fact that Seth Parsons worked with him.
Real bad seed

The Bad Seed's real face