Bouncy Bob is the joint first episode of The Cramp Twins which was aired on the 11 August 2002. During this episode; Lucien Cramp attempts to learn to ride the "Bouncy Bob" but sadly continues to fail. His envy soon turns into jealous when everyone at his school, including Wayne Cramp.


Lucien and Mari discover that a road sign is taken away, making it unsafe for drivers. Wayne is seen making a car out of scrap, they later realise that Wayne found it, draws a face and calls it Kenny. A bent Bouncy Bob, which is launched off the pickup truck hits Lucien, causing him to fall and land on Kenny

Lucian and Mari are walking away with the Bouncy Bob on the street and notice that it's popular. Mari uses it and passes, but Lucian fails and falls. Everyone is crazy for it and they can use it, even Wayne.

Walking home, Lucian sees Wayne modifying it and calls it the 'Mega bounce'. Lucian gets annoyed so he goes to his room to rest, but however, Wayne is jumping high as Lucian's bedroom with the Mega bounce to irritate him.

Herman Cramp sees Lucian annoyed so he says that when he was little, he had to go home due to injuries at the playground at school with flashbacks. Later, they discover that Dorothy Cramp is having fun with the Bouncy Bob.

The two are having a 'Boy Trouble' at Lucian's bedroom to practise the toy, Mrs. Cramp is writing letters for the school to Mrs. Hissy. After a couple of days, Lucian is using it very well (but his dad can't). At school, Lucian is showing off to the kids with his skills, however, they did not get interested which makes Lucian sad.

After school, Lucian tells his dad that no one's interested with the Bouncy Bob. But his dad doesn't care so he is still practising.


  • The Bouncy Bob reappears in Beware The Rare Colossal Swamp Squid when Tony was riding it.
  • This is the first episode when Wendy doesn't appear.
  • In Mr. Cramps flashbacks, the infinite version looks the same as the present version.