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Series 1 Edit

The first Season first aired on CBBC

 Episodes Description
Walk Like a Man Lucien Cramp makes his brother Wayne Cramp look older.
Bouncy Bob Lucien gets jealous because everyone can use the Bouncy Bob but him.
Food Fight Wayne gets a new cereal, which causes him to be hyper.
Mari Mania Mari vandalises Soap City.
The Bad Seed Wayne becomes 'The Bad Seed'.
Rodeo Rita Mr. Cramp has a 'Cowboy Week' with his sons.
Great Bowl of Fear Lucian needs to go to the bathroom but Wayne is hogging it.
Mud Crush Mrs. Cramp starts using medicinal swamp mud from Lucian.
Prize Swallow A large flock of birds sit on the Cramp house roof after being called by Wayne.
Ice Scream Tony scares Wayne to stop chasing kids on his trike.
Grandma's Piano The twins' grandma comes to visit.
Guide Games Some tourists ask the Twins for a tour during a Soap Day.
The Great Lucioni Lucien make Wayne "disappear" during a magic show.
Wendy Boy Wendy asks Wayne how to be a boy to gain her father's affections.
Fashion Passion Wayne becomes a fashion icon after a new photographer comes in for Picture Day.
Small Wonder Tony is worried that he's shrinking.
Chameleon Chaos Lucien finds a swamp chameleon and decides to keep it.
Weedkiller Soap City becomes infested with a swamp plant called Lobster Grass
Twin Studies A woman comes to analyze the twins to prove her theory that all twins are similar, identical or not.
Birthday Blues The Cramps are invited to Wendy's birthday party.
Friend Fight Lucien and Tony fall out with each other.
Miss Kissy Wayne wants to find out who Miss Hissy's "boyfriend" is.
Petrified Poodles The Winkles leave Wayne in charge of their animals while they are away, but all Wayne wants to do is watch their giant television.
Harp Wars When Wendy throws out all her instruments to become a conductress, Wayne is given her harp.
Date Dupe Patsy McCloud asks Lucien to come over to her house, and Lucien thinks he has been asked on a date.
Agent X When Mrs Cramp can't wash a mysterious stain off of Wayne and loses hope, Marsha and Tandy turn her in to Agent X.
Room Rage The Cramp boys all have a room inspection.
Dirty Monkey The Cramps go to the Mount Fujimora Spa for a day.
Mr Winkle's Monkey Lucien finds a monkey on a school trip to the soap factory and takes it home.
Wicked Wendy Wendy injures Wayne so she can nurse him back to health at her house.
Haircut Horrors Mrs Cramp gives the new barber some tips on cleanliness.
Nostalgia Nasty After finding an old fashioned laundry mangle, the Cramps get very nostalgia for the good ol' days.
No Means Yes Lucien is invited to Mari's house, where he finds out just how strange her family is.
Spy's Pies A woman named Beady is very interested in Mrs Cramp's blinding white laundry and tries to get the secret to it through Mr Cramp.

Series 2 Edit

Episodes Description
Home On The Range The Cramps go to the Has Kem Country and Western Barbecue.
Holesome Mrs Cramp becomes obsessed with testing out her new cleaning product on her own family.
Picket, Picket Lucien becomes concerned with the events happening in the city surrounding the new fenceposts.
Sick Daze Wayne tries to get off school for catching a cold while Lucien protects himself from getting the flu by knitting a tulip petal vest. He appears to be allergic to tulip petals as seen when he breaks out in a rash on his torso in school. He catches the flu as a result in the end.
Big Baby The boys' cousin comes to visit and isn't as innocent as she acts.
Ad Bad Lucien discovers Tony's job as a plumber.
Workout Lucien has to go to work with his father for a school assignment.
6th Senselessness Tony believes that Lucien is psychic.
Hotel Hysteria The Cramps have to live in a hotel while their house is being rebuilt.
Alien Glow Wayne tries to convince everyone that aliens are landing.
Worm Funeral After throwing Lucien's eldest worm a funeral, Wayne starts getting interested in mummification.
One Sock Wonder Lucien loses a sock and Wayne is making a "boy trap".
Wolfman Wayne Lucien convinces Wayne to eat dog treats so he can become a wolfman.
Shed Dead Mr Cramp's cowboy shed collapses and tries to find a new hobby.
Silence Please The twins set up traps for each other just as Mrs Cramp organises an important meeting.
Fur Fungus Wendy steals a doll from Tony's sister and all her Fuzz Babies start growing fungus.

Series 3 Edit

Episodes Description
Weepy Wayne Wayne cries during an action movie, and everyone in class tries to make him cry again.
First Crusher Wayne goes up against a wrestler at a carnival to win prize money, while Tony is afraid of being kidnapped by the owner for his freak show.
Pantaloonacy Wayne gets some new yellow pants.
Girl Gang Mari wants more respect and forms a girl gang with Wendy.
Triker Trouble Wayne oragnises a trike rally, but a couple of bikers come around to get a new tyre from him.
Heart Wrench Wayne falls for Joanne and makes Wendy jealous.
Little Watchers After Mr Winkle fails to pollute the swamp, he sets up a neighbourhood watch.
Egg Bound Lucien finds an abandoned egg in the swamp and raises it, but it attracts unwanted attention from hungry swamp people.
Little Big Man Tony is once again sad about being short when he can't ride a new rollercoaster, and Mr Cramp tries to win a teddy bear on a turnip game.
Flag Boy Tony starts to go to school.
Hankenstein Lucien takes care of the class rabbit Hank over the holiday, but Wayne is the only one who can train him.
Cricket Slayer Lucien becomes haunted after watching a cricket get hit by a car, and Wayne decides to feed his fear.
Count Crampula Wayne starts acting like a vampire.
Naughty Nuptails Tony is getting married but Lucien doesn't approve.
Bully for Wayne A new boy comes to school and gives Wayne some competition in bullying
Agent W The Cramps become suspicious of a new neighbour and Wayne wants to prove she's a spy.
Wendy House When Wendy hears about Lucien's new tree house, she sets one up next to Wayne's room.
Cramp vs. Cramp When Wayne hears all the cool things Marco's parents have done for him, he tries to get his parents divorced.
Webcam Wayne While Lucien tries to expose his bad behaviour, Wayne becomes famous on the internet as the anonymous "Trike Dude".
Swamp Curse Tony puts a swamp curse on Wendy and Wayne, making everyone in town afraid of him.
Lice-ence to Kill In order to sell off some old products, Mr Winkle gets all the kids infected with headlice.
Army of Wayne Wayne is put in charge of the kindergarteners as punishment.
Swampless Lucien is banned from the swamp by Tony, so he makes his own swamp in his backyard.
Mummy Mania Mrs Cramp is going away for a while and Miss Hissy volunteers to be their "new mommy".
Wendy Wear Wendy wants to be a fashion designer and makes clothes for the whole town.
Homeless Joe Dirty Joe goes to live at the Cramp's house.
Dance Pants Wayne and Lucien compete to win prize candy-filled pants at the school dance.
Bestest Brother Wayne makes Lucien participate in a Best Brother Competition to win him a ride on a quadbike.
Film Fad Lucien tries to film a documentary on swamp people with the school camera, while Wayne films a movie with Wendy's
Spit Collector Wayne gets addicted to a new candy called Fizz Bombers.
News Whale Lucien protests outside Fishburger Sam's in a whale costume.
Twisted Ending Lucien edits Wayne's comic to stop him reenacting them.
Tattoo Boy Wayne gets some fake tattoos from Hideous Dave.
Cow Son Mr Cramp gets Lucien to compete in an animal noise contest.
Goosenapped The Parsons and the Cramps get into a feud after Wayne kidnaps their spitting geese for a reward.
Rotten Romance Dirty Joe has a new girlfriend and Lucien becomes lovestruck after Mari agrees to go out with him.
Keith Wayne creates a "new brother" from junk.
Mommy Boy Lucien takes care of the house when Mrs Cramp gets a job from Agent X.
Sugar Zombie Wayne becomes zombie-like after playing too much of a new video game.
Beware The Rare Colossal Swamp Squid Cougar Ron comes to Soap City to film his "Wild Wild Animal Show".

Series 4 Edit

Episodes Description
Lion Worrier Wayne tries to become a lion tamer for show-and-tell.
Grandma Dearest The twins go over to their grandma's house to unknowingly be used as wolf bait.
Mister Congeniality Lucien competes in a girls' pageant.
Get Greedy Wayne trains his dad into being assertive so he can get paid more.
Slave Mart Wayne and Lucien end up working at a supermarket for knocking over some glasses.
Cool for Cramp Mr Cramp wants to prove that he's just as cool as Mr Parsons and Mr Winkle.
Just Desserts Lucien wants to help Randall lose weight, while Wayne wants to get fat so that Wendy won't like him anymore.
Pirate Pants Lucien is sent to live with the Phelps as part of a mentoring scheme, while Mari goes to live with the Cramps.
Neigh Means Neigh Mr Parsons gives Wendy a talking pony which is actually Tony throwing his voice.
Miner Mishaps Wayne wants to go to work as a miner and chimney sweep to avoid school.
Happy Gas Swamp gas fills the Cramps home, which makes everyone but Lucien feel happy.
Twin Toys Wayne reawakens his brotherly bond with Lucien after finding his long lost owl doll.
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