Norman Cramp is the curious father of Wayne and Lucien Cramp and

husband of Dorothy Cramp. He is always trying to do things that he can't do until he finds a way how to do it. Mr. Cramp is very concerned about Lucien and Wayne fighting all of the time. Herman is basically like your own average father who does what a father should do. Mr. Cramp is also a lot like Wayne in that he likes to build and trash things without making a big deal

Personality Edit

He is the less stricter parent and more afraid of Dorothy. He is also a lot cooler than Lucien and Dorothy combined and is like Wayne when it comes to doing things behind peoples back. However, when angry, he can be really aggressive like Wayne like how Lucien's temper and angry outbursts are like his mother's. He also acts like a child in some episodes.

Appearance Edit

Norman Cramp can normally be seen wearing a yellow shirt, blue tie black shoes and has green skin (Due to the pollution from Soap City)

Episode Appearances Edit

All episodes except Fur Fungus.