Silence Please is the 52nd episode in Season 2 that aired on November 8th 2003, it was directed by Becky Bristow. This episode shows both of the Cramp Twins having a war.


Wayne Cramp is watching a TV show about people from Switzerland shouting and the presenter says that who can out-shout them. Wayne has a go by shouting at Lucien Cramp, causing him to become scared. At breakfast, Lucien is reading an article from a magazine out loud about the dangers of noise (which Wayne says that it's stupid), but he was caught by Wayne's feet making him go down the table.

After that, Lucien puts up a 'No Shouting' zone near Wayne's favourite place to sit, this makes Wayne annoyed. While Lucien is going to the bathroom, Wayne snatches his spectacles and talks about the 'No Spectacles Zone' and runs away from Lucien. Right after that, Lucien grabs all of Wayne's comic books and sorts them out about the violence. Wayne is even more annoyed, so he then creates a 'No Pants Zone', and steals Lucien's pants. Lucien is annoyed so he shouts "This, is, WAR!"



  • Goofs
    • When Lucien checks behind his room at the start, his glasses turned brown.
    • When Lucien points to the 'No Shouting' sign, Wayne's body is cut off when it zooms to the sign.
    • When Wayne talks about the 'No Spectacles Zone', Lucien's mouth has turned to the back of his head.
    • When Lucien ran to his room with the comic books, if you look closely, Lucien has gone through the wall.
    • At the end of the episode, when Lucien kicks Wayne's hair, his glasses have gone thin.