Swamp Curse is the 20th episode of season 3 of The Cramp Twins. In this episode Tony puts a swamp curse on Wendy.

Plot Edit

It shows all the kids having good reports (except for Wayne and Wendy) but Wayne changes his bad report. Miss Hissy gives Wendy her report and says "Wendy Winkle hasn't done her homework all year, she's tidy,cruel,rude. When Tony and Lucien visit the supermarket Wendy lies how good is she in the report when Wendy's mum's trolley was in the way Tony is covered with pink protine powder when Tony puts a swamp curse on both of them. Wendy and her mum walk backwards and leave. At night the Winkle's bathroom is entirely flooded with swamp stuff but mr. Winkle says to make it not flood Mr.Parsons didn't do it so when they got to the cramp's house Wayne is watching a man getting chased on a lawnmower so when tony tries to put a curse Wayne throws the remote control to the tv causing to smash. everyone in soap city was afraid of tony because he put a swamp curse on Wendy. Wendy's mum talks to her friends about the curse and wendy tells a story about a swamp curse at the the mall wayne is watching a man chased by lawnmower until the janitor's cleaner cleans Wayne's entire body wendy helps him get up. when tony and lucien get to the swimming pool tony wants space to swim so everyone swimmed away but tony swims and splashess Lucien's face. Wayne is in the junkyard going to dirty joe's house so he wants the swamp curse as well so he wears the smelliest clothes in soap city making mrs. cramp disgusted. when tony went his way home Mr.Parsons puts him in a bag. when tony wears his plunger suit he goes to the toilet and finds Wendy's report so they solved it was Wendy who flushed it down the toilet. when the haircut owner and the police were looking for tony in the park so Tony disguised as a baby in the pram when Wayne in the smelly clothes was washed by Mrs.Cramp and Lucien shuts the pram trapping Tony inside.