Walk Like a Man
Series 01, Episode 1
Wayne Cramp with hair S1E1
Air Date 02 August 2002
Previous First episode of the first series.
Next Bouncy Bob

Walk Like a Man is the first episode of The Cramp Twins which was aired on the 02 August 2002. During this episode; the characters are introduced and their personalities shown.


The episode is opened with showing the characters eating habits. You seen Lucien and Wayne's mother and father eating a dinner with meat, Lucien eating vegetables and Wayne eating what appears to be muffins.

Lucien Cramp is angry with his brother Wayne Cramp and decides to sneak into his room whilst he is sleeping, draws a mustache on his face and places hair under his armpits inwhich he gathered from the plughole of the bathroom.


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Cramp Twins - walk like a man

Cramp Twins - walk like a man