Workout is the 6th episode of Season 2.

Plot Edit

The Cramp Twins have been given a school project to learn about work by finding a job they can help with. Mr Cramp wants his sons to come soap selling with him, but they already have other plans. But when Lucien’s dream job fails to materialise, he ends up going soap selling after all. Unfortunately, he becomes concerned about the side-effects of Mr Cramp’s products and ends up ruining his sales.

Then Mrs.Cramp bans Wayne from the dump and he goes out soap selling too. Only Wayne turns out to be an excellent salesman due to his impressive ability to tell an unblinking lie. This causes Mr Cramp to have his best day at work ever. Unfortunately, Wayne's actions quickly come back and to haunt the Cramps.

Lucien who was once again forced to accompany his father was (and was completely ignored by Mr Cramp throughout the day), only manages to get a word in when the family is back home. There he tells his oblivious father that Wayne told their last customer that he could have Wendy Winkles ponies as part of the deal. Mr Cramp's joy immediately evaporates, as he and Lucien hurry out the door though Wayne doesn't realise what he did wrong. The three Cramps quickly rush to the scene, where they spot the customer having a word with Mr Winkle. Acknowledging that a deal is a deal, an infuriated Mr Winkle reluctantly hands over the pony but promptly calms an enraged Wendy by forcing Mr Cramp to agree to buy her three more ponies out of his wages. Left with no choice, Mr Cramp reluctantly agrees, and as the Winkles leave, he glares furiously at his youngest son. Left with no other choice, Wayne and Lucien are forced to beg for donations but do not get anywhere.

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